The realities of the Troubles exposed

The realities of the Troubles exposed

A new series of 'The Troubles I've Seen' will begin on UTV on Thursday at 8.30pm.

The series sees broadcasters and newspaper journalists recall the stories, people and events that have shaped the history of the Troubles.Michael Wilson, Managing Director UTV, commissioned the latest series of the programme following on from extremely positive reaction from viewers of the earlier series.He said: "Through the personal recollections of some of the media industry's finest journalists, The Troubles I've Seen recounts some of the worst atrocities in the course of 40 years of conflict here."In a very human way, the series documents the experiences of those responsible for capturing the immediate emotions and reactions to the violent and often harrowing scenes on the streets of Northern Ireland."The Troubles I've Seen provides a rare insight into what it's like to be on the front line but not fighting the war."Contributors to the series include local journalists Ed Curran, Jim McDowell, Deric Henderson, Alf McCreary, Eamonn Mallie, and Kevin Myers.Ed Curran started his career as a trainee journalist in 1967 and amongst many professional accolades served as Editor of the Belfast Telegraph for 12 years until 2005.He said: "I think the Troubles are key to understanding where we are now. A new generation is growing up in a very different atmosphere but we cannot ignore the fact that our past has fashioned our present. The new series from UTV is a valuable history lesson for young and old."


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