Suspicions grow over absent Andrea

Suspicions grow over absent Andrea

Coronation Street's Lloyd ends up in hospital this week after collapsing with a suspected heart attack following the charity fun run, but as actor Craig Charles reveals, it's girlfriend Andrea's absence that is cause for concern.

In a bitter competitive row with best friend Steve, Lloyd vowed to run the 5K for charity, not really taking into consideration that he may not be physically fit enough."Lloyd has done absolutely no preparation whatsoever," explains Craig. "Unless you consider drinking beer and smoking cigarettes as preparation for a 5K fun run."Lloyd and Steve have been very competitive about it; they've been digging each other out and bickering like school children in the playground."The race day arrives and Lloyd is very much disheartened with a notable absence among the supporters.Craig said: "One drawback of the whole thing is that when the race starts, Andrea, who has promised to be there, hasn't shown up and that sort of niggles Lloyd a bit - it kind of upsets him."And the event takes a very serious turn when he suddenly collapses..."Things turn out quite badly for Lloyd during the race, he's feeling a bit tight in his chest and he thinks it's because he has just run 5K, but it's not, his heart his really paining him."Now Andrea comes into the hospital a bit later on, while I've been there for a while and she tells a story of why she couldn't make it to the race."Lloyd seems happy with Andrea's excuse, but daughter Jenna is not so easily satisfied and her suspicions over her dad's girlfriend grow."Jenna really doesn't like Andrea, she really doesn't trust her. I suppose with Andrea not making the race and supporting Lloyd I think Jenna starts getting even more suspicious."With Jenna now on Andrea's case and starting to investigate her, her motives and her whereabouts and her movements, there might be a little bit more drama in store for Lloyd."Coronation Street airs on UTV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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