Styles mistook Griffin for cloakroom girl

Styles mistook Griffin for cloakroom girl

One Direction star Harry Styles mistook comedienne Kathy Griffin for a cloakroom attendant when they met at a concert.

The American funnywoman was sat next to the pop idol when they both attended an Eagles concert in Los Angeles in January and she claims the singer appeared a little worse for wear.He apparently had no idea who Griffin was and repeatedly mistook her for a member of staff as he chatted to actor Tom Hanks backstage at the gig.Griffin tells The Sun newspaper: "I was at an Eagles concert and I was sat next to Harry Styles. I was ruthlessly busting his b**ls and he seemed very, very drunk, and then he went up to Tom Hanks backstage and was making a loveable fool of himself. "He said to him: "Were you scared on the boat shooting Captain Phillips. Were you scared? It seemed so small". "Tom kept saying to him: "Harry, this is Kathy Griffin - she's a comedian". He didn't get it. He wasn't being a d**che but he kept leaving his coat with me. I was going to steal it but my boyfriend talked me out of it so I didn't get arrested."


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