Strangers kissing becomes web hit

Strangers kissing becomes web hit

A three and a half minute online film depicting 20 strangers kissing for the first time has become a huge hit online.

First Kiss by Hungarian filmmaker Tatia Pilieva has received over 47 million hits on YouTube in four days, as intrigued users take a look at how others deal with the awkward situation of locking lips for the first time.And awkward it was as the cameras rolled to show each couple's encounter from beginning to end - cue lots of giggling and polite conversation."Do we just do this at anytime?" one uncomfortable participant asks.However one couple did manage to remember their manners and introduce themselves to one another before getting down to business.Eventually everyone overcomes the awkwardness of the situation and embarks on a nice, if somewhat strange, kiss.It has emerged that the film is in fact an ad for a clothing company, prompting many to question its realism, with most of the participants being actors or models.But nevertheless the video has become a huge hit as viewers enjoy what looks like the awkward encounters of strangers.Though the mood may have gone for one couple after they locked lips when the lady asked: "What's your name again?"YouTube


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