Skydiver knocked out during freefall

Skydiver knocked out during freefall

Footage from the helmet camera of a skydiver who was knocked unconscious at over 12,000ft, prompting a daring mid-air rescue by his companions, has been causing an online stir.

The incident happened back in July last year, but the shocking video has re-emerged in recent days.

As the skydiver explains, a fellow jumper collided with him during their jump in the Wiltshire area of England, hitting the back of his head at high speed and knocking him out.

"They landed fine with a small cut and imprint of the camera button from the back of my helmet - and one very sore leg!" he said.

"I was completely knocked out."

The footage, captured as the skydiver tumbled lifelessly through the air, shows the moment his friends realised something wasn't quite right.

Concerned, they try to check that he's okay using agreed hand signals. But when he proves unresponsive, they grab him to stabilise his fall and then deploy his chute for him.

According to the skydiver, he started to regain consciousness by the time his parachute opened and was able to steer himself to the ground.

He was later checked out in A&E, concussed but otherwise unharmed.


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