Phil Vickery's Steak Masterclass

Phil Vickery's Steak Masterclass

This Morning's Phil Vickery is back in the kitchen to give a masterclass on steak and will demonstrate everything from how to choose the perfect cut of meat to how to cook your beef, whether you like it rare, medium or well done.

Cooking steaksTop tip: The best way to cook steak is over a high heat such as a barbecue or very hot frying pan.Method:If steak is in a vac pac bag, remove and dry well in kitchen towel, this will stop the steak boiling in its own juices rather than searing well, especially if the pan or barbecue are not that hot.Season the meat well with salt and pepper just before cooking.If cooking on a barbecue, get the bars very hot, then oil the steak (before seasoning) and then oil the barbecue bars, this will make sure the steak does not stick.Sear over a high heat on both sides and cook to the desired degree.Always rest the steaks, off the heat loosely covered with foil for as long as you cook them in a warm place. Bear in mind that the steak will continue to cook for a little time once off the heat, so adjust your cooking time for a rare or medium steak.Tomato onion saladIngredients:4 large ripe plum or vine tomatoes at room temperature½ red onion, very finely slicedFew Rocket leaves (optional)1 tbsp chopped fresh tarragon (optional)For the dressing:2 tbsp vinegar, any really will do (I love sherry vinegar)1 heaped tsp Dijon mustard4 tbsp sunflower oil1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (optional)SaltPepperSugarMethod:Make the dressing by placing the vinegar, mustard, pinch salt, pepper and sugar into a bowl.Whisk in the oil and adjust the seasoning if needed.Add tarragon is using.Slice the tomatoes horizontally, not too thin.Layer the tomato slices with red onion slices (rocket if using) spoon over the dressing and leave for 15 minutes.


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