Peter Barlow's life hangs in the balance

Peter Barlow's life hangs in the balance

With life in prison becoming increasingly bleak for Peter Barlow, the alcoholic ends up in hospital this week after drinking all of Jim McDonald's illegal stash and, as actor Chris Gascoyne reveals, it could spell the end for the innocent man.

On remand for the murder of Tina McIntyre, Peter has struggled to keep his sobriety while behind bars and looked to Jim to provide him with alcohol.But it soon became clear that Jim had an ulterior motive, as he used Peter to get his son Steve to visit him in prison."Peter has got to play Jim's game," says Chris. "Peter's intention is to get alcohol, Jim's intention is to get to see Steve, and so Peter rings Steve and begs him to come in."Steve reacts very badly to it and straight away he goes back to tell Liz."The formidable Liz immediately pays her ex-husband a visit and warns him to leave her family alone and this means trouble for Peter...Chris explains: "Jim gets angry and takes it out on Peter and then he stops his supply of alcohol."So, through desperation, Peter follows Jim to the kitchen where he keeps his alcohol and when Jim has left, Peter drinks it."It's pretty horrible stuff, but he drinks (himself) into oblivion and this is the straw that breaks the camel's back, this is when his body gives in."But is this the end for Peter and will it mean Tina's real murderer, Rob Donovan, will get away with his terrible crime?"Well we are going to have to wait and see," says Chris. "But at the moment it looks like it is."Coronation Street airs on UTV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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