'Outsider' Paloma talks finding love

'Outsider' Paloma talks finding love

Pop star Paloma Faith has been speaking to This Morning about the release of her new single, Trouble With My Baby, and revealed how she found love while making her most recent album.

The Only Love Can Hurt Like This singer is known for her powerful voice and crazy style and she admitted to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford she enjoys being an "outsider".She said: "I've realised my whole life that I'm a bit different and I'm still struggling with it."I (perform) with confidence so I can resist attack, but I do sometimes feel like a bit of an outsider. I quite enjoy being an outsider and I appreciate other outsiders."When I'm at a party I'm always guaranteed to find the one person who's got some bizarre stories to tell."Paloma is currently promoting and touring following the release of her latest album A Perfect Contradiction, which she wrote and recorded in New York."I went to New York because I wanted to be somewhere where I wouldn't be recognised as much, because I thought I want to write songs that people can relate to," she explained."I'm all about the universal language and I find it a bit strange when artists start writing about touring and drinking champagne with people - I don't find that particularly ground-breaking."It's not relating to humans so I wanted to go somewhere where I could just be myself and relax."And it was in New York that the singer met her current partner and, albeit slightly embarrassed, she admitted to Eamonn and Ruth that she has never been happier."I'm really happy, I'm happier than I've ever been in love because I'm quite hard to please."I think you can hear it in my record, that kind of balance between darkness and light, that's why I called it A Perfect Contradiction because it was about how I wouldn't have been able to really appreciate happiness when I found it if I hadn't have gone through difficult times first."


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