News of Donna's death hits the Dales

News of Donna's death hits the Dales

Emmerdale's residents are set to find out the tragic news that Donna has died, with those closest to her left stunned - including step-dad Bob, who finally finds out about her terminal illness.

Actor Tony Audenshaw told This Morning how his character is left feeling, when Monday's episode picks up right from the aftermath of Friday's shocking scenes.Donna ended up plunging to her death from a multi-story car park, taking manipulative nemesis Gary North with her - all after first lying to and then confessing her love for bad-boy Ross Barton.But she didn't have time to explain to her heartbroken partner-in-crime that she was sacrificing herself because she already had just weeks to live.And, as Tony explained to Eamonn and Ruth, that was something Bob didn't know either.Tonight's episode is a continuation of Friday's, where Ross has just seen the woman that he loves die in front of him in the last hour ...Tony Audenshaw"Bob didn't know she was ill. Nobody told him. He's angry and upset because Marlon didn't tell him that she was ill and he knew," Tony said."And then you've got Aaron and Adam as well. They think they're responsible for Donna's death. It's a great story and it opens up all sorts of new stories."In emotional scenes, it is set to fall to Marlon to tell his little girl April that her mummy has died."Amelia (Flanagan) who plays April is an incredible actress," Tony added of his young co-star."She's so natural."I'll be checking in on my lil superstar Miss Amelia Flanagan. She's a dream, a true profesh & a great friend forevs X— Verity Rushworth (@VerityRushworth) August 14, 2014


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