Kerry Katona recalls traumatic birth

Kerry Katona recalls traumatic birth

Kerry Katona has been speaking to This Morning about the traumatic arrival of her fifth child and the agonising 24-hour wait before her baby daughter Dylan was given the all clear from the doctors.

Now a mother of five, Kerry was no stranger to the delivery room and said she thought the birth would be as straight forward as her previous labours.Joined on the This Morning sofa by her fiancé George Kay, she recalled how delivering the baby was the easiest part of the whole ordeal.She explained: (Labour) started on a Thursday evening at about half eleven. So we were really excited...phoned the hospital, went to hospital, we slept right through until the next day."It was really (a) bonding (experience) for us both and it was really exciting."I decided to have an epidural and, you're gonna think I am really weird, but I had some kind of out of body experience."It sounds really crazy, but George went through it as well, it sounds so bizarre."It was like I passed out, but I never passed out. And I could still hear everybody else talking. It was really bizarre and I wish I hadn't had the epidural, but it was literally an hour later and I said: "I need to push" and I pushed and she came out and we were crying tears of joy, we were absolutely over the moon."Unfortunately events took a turn for the worse for both mum and baby, as little Dylan stopped breathing and Kerry's placenta exploded inside her, meaning she had to be rushed into theatre for an emergency operation."They put her on my chest and something just didn't feel right," Kerry tearfully remembered. "For ten minutes I held her and then I said: "Something is just not right.""Then George said to the nurse: "The baby's not breathing.""So a crash team came in and took her off and she completely died, everything had stopped."A crash team had come in for Dylan and the next thing you know a crash team comes in for me. George is leaning over me and I've gone into complete shock. And I just kept saying: "I'm so sorry, it's not supposed to be like this."First time dad George admitted he was scared by the ordeal and it is something he has struggled to come to terms with since the birth."I was definitely the most frightening thing I have ever been through," he said. "I was a mess at the time."Thankfully, both Kerry and Dylan were eventually given a clean bill of health from the medical staff and after spending some time in the hospital, they were allowed to go home to introduce the new baby to her brother and sisters.


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