Is Rachel ready to flee the Dales?

Is Rachel ready to flee the Dales?

Emmerdale's Rachel Breckle has made a deal with Charity Dingle to confess to causing the fire at Home Farm in a bid to save her fiancé Sam Dingle, but will she be able to go through with the whole scheme and flee the Dales for good?

Until recently Rachel and Sam have been unaware that they are the victims of an evil plot concocted by Charity, who is hoping to save Declan Macey from the law and get her revenge on Rachel in the meantime.

Charity's vendetta against the mum-of-one began after she discovered the real father of Rachel's son Archie was in fact her husband Jai.

With Charity and Jai's marriage subsequently falling apart, the ruthless businesswoman had revenge in her eyes and when Declan started the fire on Christmas Day, her plan was immediately set in motion.

But unfortunately the lovable Sam has been caught up in the ploy and stands accused to starting the blaze, much to the disbelief of viewers that Charity would do such a thing to a family member.

"It's something that the Dingles just don't do," actress Gemma Oaten, who plays Rachel, told This Morning.

"It's like family is family and you don't turn against one of your own.

Charity has kept her control, she has got everything covered.

Gemma Oaten (Rachel Breckle)

"But she has just been that consumed with hate and revenge towards Jai and Rachel for what they did to her that she's just lost the plot really."

The final step in Charity's revenge played out this week as she admitted to Rachel all she had done, and told her in order to save Sam, she would have to confess.

Oaten explained: "(Sam) gets out of prison because Rachel decides that she has to hand herself in, but then it is whether she can carry through with it and carry on with the whole scheme.

"And it is even at the last point when you don't know if she will actually do it, she has gone to the police, she confesses, they say they are going to let Sam out of prison but is she going to stick around and let that happen or is she gonna flee.

"It's quite heartbreaking actually because she loves Sam and even when she goes to the police station to confess, she is still unsure whether she will get bail, whether she is going to be able to leave and is she going to take the baby?"

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