Helen's shock exit from I'm a Celebrity

Published Monday, 26 November 2012
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A shocked Helen Flanagan has become the latest camper to be voted out of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! following a public vote.

Helen's shock exit from I'm a Celebrity
Helen Flanagan leaves the Australian jungle (© Rex Features)

(Video Guidance: May contain mild language)

After 17 days in the jungle, the former Coronation Street actress was chosen to leave the Australian outback.

She will be remembered for her attempts at the Bush Tucker Trials, which resulted in more screams than stars, and an emotional Helen told Ant and Dec she said she didn't realise how tough it could be.

"When I first came on the show I was thinking 'yeah, I'm really strong-minded, I will be able to do all the trials', and I didn't think they were going to be as hard."

The actress said she was embarrassed to hear that she is now an I'm a Celebrity record holder, after taking part in five Bush Tucker Trials without winning any stars.

She was nicknamed 'Failing Flanagan' after she competed in a record five consecutive trials, without winning a single meal for camp. She later went to win 17 stars in her last two trials.

But with her losing streak turning a corner, some outside the camp thought the squeamish image was all part of her game plan, but Helen denied the accusations.

"I completely wish, because honestly ever since I've been here I've just been absolutely cringing about how bad I'm going to look on these trials," she told Ant and Dec.

Honestly if I could be a girl who was just going to absolutely smash it every time that would be me. I would rather save myself the humiliation.

Helen Flanagan

She was also the source of some bemusement with her fellow celebs when she maintained a healthy glow using fake tan and had a number of jungle showers.

But with her exit, the remaining campers are one step closer to being crowned king or queen of the jungle.

Earlier in the campmates had a sneak preview of the Bush Tucker Trial, when it was revealed that one of them would be required to complete a task that Helen had previously failed.

Charlie tried to discourage Ashley from volunteering for Cruelty Towers and when Helen explained that it involved a row of dark rooms with animals and bug drops, Rosemary also agreed that she was not the best potential competitor.

Once again it was champion boxer David Hayes who arrived at the trial, choosing Rosemary and Eric to walk him to the bridge.

He told Ant and Dec he'd agreed to take part in the trial because "Helen said it was loads of fun and I'd love it."

"Helen had lots of fun when she was here last time. All five seconds of it!" Dec joked.

Inside five rooms, David was told he would be joined by snakes, spiders, a crocodile and a host of other jungle critters.

As he searched for the stars, the athlete was asked to remove the lightbulb, plunging him into complete darkness.

When an ostrich in the reception area failed to annoy David, it seemed it would finish the trial before the ten minutes allotted.

He also navigated around 12 snakes and remained calm when he found a crocodile in another room.

As he hunted for the second star he said: "What's the bet it's under its head."

He slowly lifted the pillow and found the star before confidently stroking the crocodile and said: "He's not too bad." But then added: "If he'd started to move about I would have pooped myself."

Next up was more than 50 spiders and in the final room David foraged through offal and flies as he struggled to find the stars.

But time ran out and he was forced to leave the room empty handed, bringing back a total of six out of seven meals for the celebs.

"I did my best, a lot of losers say that. Definitely by far the worst room I've been in and I've been in some crappy rooms in my time," he said.

He was welcomed back to the camp who were pleased to have some meals, though David remained disappointed that there wasn't one for everyone.

Helen, who got no stars when she attempted Cruelty Towers, said: "It sounds pretty hardcore to me so I was pleased to take a back seat."

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