Nadine and Helen fail bug trial

Published Monday, 12 November 2012
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Controversial MP Nadine Dorries and actress Helen Flanagan are set to face each other again after failing to win food for their teams on I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!

Nadine and Helen fail bug trial
Helen Flanagan and Nadine Dorries react after failing the trial (© Rex Features)

The celebrities may have to survive on rice and beans for another day after the pair were again chosen by the public for Tuesday night's Bushtucker trial.

They were unsuccessful when going head-to-head during Bug Burial on Monday.

The pair had to stay for ten minutes in two underground crates as lids were bolted - and as bugs including maggots, crickets and cockroaches were dumped on them.

After ten minutes, an allen key would drop into the crate and the first to escape by undoing all three bolts would win dinner for their camp.

"Are you joking me?" Helen asked hosts Ant and Dec. "I'm absolutely petrified. Oh My God, do we have to do it now. Seriously? Can't we just pretend?"

Nadine told the presenters she thought that being chosen for the first trial voted for by the public was a badge of honour.

She said: "I fully expected this because I'm an MP and MPs are a conduit for public anger."

Wearing goggles, shirts and shorts, the pair nervously stepped into their respective crates.

After four seconds, Helen shouted "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!" and she was helped out of the crate.

Two minutes later 3,000 cockroaches joined the maggots in Nadine's crate, prompting her to complain that something was nipping her knee.

More maggots were dropped in and as she covered her face with her hand, she said: "You're going to bury me if you put any more in."

Next, 5,000 crickets joined Nadine and again she said that something was biting her as the insects crawled over her body.

She lasted four minutes before being released.

While Nadine was still shaking bugs off her, Helen complained she had a twig in her hair.

You've got a twig in your hair. God, who cares?

Nadine to Helen

The 55-year-old politician said: "That was possibly the most horrific thing I've ever done in my life.

"It stopped for me when something started biting my leg.

"It was biting and hurting and in my mind and imagination it was a rat gnawing into my flesh but when I came away there were just two bite marks on my skin but in there it was a rat having me for dinner.

"The camp will be very disappointed when I tell them there is no food but they'll also be really supportive as well because we're that kind of team."

Helen sobbed after the trial and said: "I'm really struggling.

"I've even been thinking of going because I just don't know if I can hack it."

She told her campmates she did "really" try.

"I did get inside it. She lasted about two minutes. I lasted about two seconds," Helen told them.

"I just feel like such a wimp."

Eastenders star Charlie Brooks commented: "When she said she lasted 10 seconds, I was a bit like that is a bit pathetic."

Meanwhile, darts champion Eric Bristow had to have a tick removed from his neck and went on to lose the first Dingo Dollars game of the series against entertainer Brian Conley.

But Eric vowed to get his revenge and said: "I'll have him before it's over, he's on my list!"

The celebrities were in a jovial mood as they received their luxury items.

In Croc Creek, Brian received a chair that contained messages on it from his family. Helen squealed when given her fake tan, while Linda got a sarong. Charlie received her pillow and David Haye opted for a cushion.

In Snake Rock, Nadine received her mascara and Ashley her concealer. Hugo had chosen a silk sleeping bag and Colin a multipurpose blanket. Eric's choice of a vibrating back massager proved a popular choice with his fellow campmates.

© UTV News
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who give a in uk wrote (807 days ago):
lol at the comments so far, take a look at you're self's, you moan about the people who watch this yet what exactly are you doing, you're here watching this so if anything its you sad morons that need to get a life.
Spell Checker in Belfast wrote (808 days ago):
Mags in Enniskillen, get a live or get a life??
Malachy Quinn in Co.Fermanagh wrote (809 days ago):
I don't know why this stupid programme is even given airtime. The same predictable rubbish every year.
Mags in Enniskillen wrote (809 days ago):
how stupid are these people, do they not watch the programme? You're getting well to do it and no one is making you do it so suck it up. And as for those who watch this dribble time after time, you're just as bad.....get a live
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