'Frostbit' clip proves internet hit

'Frostbit' clip proves internet hit

You've seen the clip - and so have hundreds of thousands of people around the world - now see the whole interview as Ruairí McSorley talks to UTV about the wintry weather and the dangers of getting 'frostbit'.

Ruairí McSorley talks wintry weather with UTV.

Ruairí McSorley talks wintry weather with UTV. ©UTV

The young man caught the attention of countless people after a brief appearance on UTV to talk about the snowy conditions gripping parts of Northern Ireland.

Amid warnings from forecasters, UTV's North West correspondent Gareth Wilkinson braved the elements to speak to some local people affected by the seasonably chilly weather.

Among those he spoke to were farmers who had taken it upon themselves to help with the gritting effort, in a bid to keep roads open.

But towards the end of Gareth's report, we met teenager Ruairí McSorley - and the resulting assessment of the predicament facing those travelling in the snow was Twitter gold.

"Oh, god, you wouldn't be long gettin' frostbit," the young man declared.

Within minutes, #frostbit had taken off on Twitter.

Ruairí is well known around the North West, having set up his own YouTube channel for his comedy impressions and having already compered a charity talent show in the Millennium Forum.

The UTV clip has now been circulating around the web, racking up more and more views.

"My favourite thing today ... in fact maybe ever. Long live local news reports," one viewer tweeted.

Another added his agreement with Ruarí, claiming: "She's a caul wan, hey sir!!"

And with temperatures still plummeting and snow on the ground, he's not wrong. Don't go getting frostbit now ...


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