From Downton to Neeson flight thriller

From Downton to Neeson flight thriller

Michelle Dockery may be best known as Downton Abbey's strong-willed Lady Mary, but she's been telling This Morning about her "amazing experience" filming a Hollywood thriller with Liam Neeson.

Non-Stop sees Michelle play flight attendant Nancy, alongside the Ballymena man who stars as US air marshal Bill Marks.Their lives are quickly thrown into chaos when it transpires that someone has threatened to kill a passenger on their plane every 20 minutes, unless millions of dollars are wired into an account."Someone described it recently as like the film Speed, but on a plane. You're on the edge of your seat the entire film, because you don't know who could be the next suspect," Michelle said.As suspicion falls on just about anyone, could that include Nancy - despite her friendship with the under-pressure air marshal?"Well ... yeah. It's important that people feel they can't really trust anyone," she says cagily.She becomes a kind of ally ...Michelle DockeryAs head flight attendant, Michelle's character has a duty to help keep the passengers and crew safe while they're in the air."It's her duty to cope with any situation, but of course, she's not expecting something as extreme as this," she says, explaining that she also knows the air marshal as she has flown with him before."She has a relationship, a friendship that's developed, with Bill Marks who Liam plays - so there is a familiarity between them ... Nothing romantic."While Hollywood opportunities are now presenting themselves to Michelle, she's thankful for the way ITV period drama Downton has opened doors and insists she's in that for the long haul."I'm sticking with the show for however long the producers want it to go," she says."We don't know how long it's going to go on for - we're on series five now, and what's great is we have six months of the year to do other things in between."YouTube


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