Flirty Corrie kiss could lead to affair

Flirty Corrie kiss could lead to affair

Life on the Coronation Street cobbles hasn't exactly been easy for Katy Armstrong since becoming a teen mum and struggling to pay the bills, but is she set to betray boyfriend Chesney for a full-blown affair with reformed bad-boy Ryan?

The young mum has been feeling like she's missing out, watching her friends have fun while she's forced to scrimp and save, keep house, and look after baby Joseph.

And despite usually being mature enough to realise her responsibilities - and having even offered to be a surrogate for big sister Izzy - it looks like Katy's now throwing caution to the wind.

"Things haven't been too good for Katy lately. She's been getting a bit fed-up at home, washing, cleaning, looking after the baby ... So she definitely wants more excitement out of life," Georgia May Foote, who plays the young actress, said.

"But I think Chesney's just oblivious to it and doesn't realise how she's feeling inside."

But now Katy's found a new friend in Ryan, who was previously busy cultivating the drug habit that ended up getting Sophie Webster badly injured and shacking up with serial man-eater Tracy Barlow.

And when the pair start working together in the kebab shop, sparks fly.

Will it be an affair, I don't know. Is it just a kiss that will soon fizzle out? I don't even know myself - I wish I did!

Georgia May Foote, Corrie's Katy

"All her friends fancy him and she doesn't really know what to do, because he starts to ignore the friends and starts paying a bit of attention to Katy," Georgia added.

"There is a little bit of flirting between them, but I don't think on Katy's part she kind of gets that's what's happening."

But will a secret kiss lead to more and what will happen if their families - including Katy's overprotective dad Owen, Ryan's mum Michelle, and Chesney's big sister Fiz - find out?

According to Sol Heras, who plays Ryan, his character isn't the villain this time.

"They both go in for the kiss - it's a mutual thing," he said.

"I think if she was to reject him, he'd take it onboard because she's got a kid and she's with Chesney.

"He wouldn't want to cause such a problem if it is just him literally chasing her. Whereas, if she feels the same, then maybe it will be a case of let's see what happens ..."


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