Emmerdale's Finn 'finds his feet'

Emmerdale's Finn 'finds his feet'

Since arriving in Emmerdale with his family, Finn Barton has struggled to settle in the village, but actor Joe Gill has revealed his character is finally "finding his feet" as he resolves to find his long-lost mother.

The geeky Barton brother was less than enthused about living in the rural village when he moved to Emmerdale with his father and two older brothers.Yet despite his reluctance to give their new life a chance, events have led to him forming strong friendships with Victoria Sugden and, surprisingly, Val and Eric Pollard.But recent drama has meant that Finn's acceptance of life in the Dales could be disrupted, namely finding out his father had an affair with his aunt Moira, and Adam is in fact his half-brother."Things right now in the Barton household are not so good," said Joe. "It's always been a bit complicated obviously with James and Moira and Cain, etc. but when Finn finds out that Adam is in fact actually his half-brother and not his cousin, it really does knock him for six."With tensions among the Barton family already high, matters took another turn for the worst when Finn became a victim of Ross' dodgy dealings and nearly lost his life - resulting in Finn being pushed to breaking point."The reason why Finn ends up in hospital is because of Ross," explained Joe."Ross and Finn actually do have this real unspoken relationship and they are very close, and when Finn finds out that it is Ross' fault it really does hurt him and he loses a lot of respect for him."After eventually being released from hospital, Finn made a big decision that could affect the whole Barton family."I think with everything that has gone on, Finn feels alone and he starts thinking: "Would finding out who my mum is save this situation?""On the whole with the Bartons nothing is ever going to be simple and I think it is quite interesting at the moment because everyone involved within the family have got these individual battles that they are facing."You've got Cain and Moira, you've got James and Moira, you've got the brothers doing their own thing and it's going to be interesting to see where Finn fits in to all of that and what happens in the future with the family collectively."But one thing is for certain, I don't think it is ever going to be simple in the Barton family."


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