Emmerdale's Donna 'in a desperate state'

Emmerdale's Donna 'in a desperate state'

As time runs out for a terminally ill Donna Windsor, actress Verity Rushworth says her character is now in "a desperate state of mind" and wants to protect her loved ones from her criminal deeds.

Donna returned to the village after five years and, after discovering she had cancer, went about helping to build a relationship between ex-husband Marlon Dingle and the daughter he didn't know he had, April.But the policewoman also made the decision to turn to a life of crime in order to leave money for her daughter, and as a result found love with resident bad boy and partner Ross Barton.With crime boss Gary North threatening their families, Donna and Ross have one more big job to complete, but time is running out for Donna.Speaking to This Morning along with actor Michael Parr, who plays Ross, Verity explained: "Donna is madly in love with Ross and she's trying to fight it because she knows it's wrong and it's against all her morals, but she can't help it."Amongst other things he needs Ross as well but she really loves him."Donna is being pulled in all sorts of different directions, she is (terminally ill) and she has only told a couple of people, she hasn't told Ross because she loves him and she doesn't want to be seen as a victim and also because she needs him for this job."April is in danger from Gary North and she is trying to protect her and protect (Ross) and if they don't complete this job, which they wouldn't if Ross knew about the cancer, she wouldn't succeed in protecting the people that she loves."But with her illness continuing to take hold, Donna knows she hasn't got long left and is desperate to make everything right before she dies.Since being diagnosed it's all gone wrong for Donna and she's in a desperate state of mind.Verity Ruthworth (Donna Windsor)Verity said: "Gary North poses a massive threat to her daughter, she knows that she is breaking the law and she is doing things she would never normally do."She also knows she's not going to be around much longer and she has gone into this zone of "right, this needs to be done, I need to make sure April is OK"."And she wants to protect Ross, he can't do it by himself and she's the reason he got into this mess in the first place - she is in a desperate state."Verity, who first appeared in Emmerdale at the age of 12, returned to the soap a few months ago.The actress admitted that finally leaving for good after all these years was very emotional."For me it really is an end of an era, I grew up with the show, it felt like home going back there and it feels weird that it's completely, definitely over for me."It really feels like I've gone full circle, it's like completion and I feel like I've had therapy because of all the crying - I've released all this emotion and I'm ready to let it lie."Emmerdale airs on UTV every weekday from 7pm.


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