Emmerdale's Donna drops a bombshell

Emmerdale's Donna drops a bombshell

Emmerdale's Donna Windsor returns to the village with some shocking news for one of the residents.

After a torrid affair and the breakdown of her marriage to Marlon Dingle, Donna moved to Essex five years ago to start a new life with her new boyfriend Baz.But after splitting with Baz, Donna wanted to give her daughter April the life she had in Emmerdale, surrounded by family, so she decides to move back to the village - but she has got some explaining to do...Actress Verity Rushworth reveals: "Donna arrives back after five years, with her five-year-old daughter and a lot of the viewers won't know that she must have been pregnant when she left...and she didn't know who the father was at the time."So it turns out she's got Marlon's first born child!"Everyone is thrilled to see Donna return to the village, especially step-dad Bob Hope, but he soon realises there is an important reason for her return."April is at an age now where she has started asking "who is daddy?" and Donna is feeling the guilt," said Verity."She really should have told Marlon straight away but it was that thing of leaving it a bit too long and sweeping it under the carpet, but now she has to face facts and she has to get it sorted, and April has to meet her daddy."I'm not sure how Donna thinks Marlon is going to react, she is not back to try and get him back or anything, she is not trying to disrupt his relationship, she just knows that April needs to know who her dad is."Events unfold in the usual Dales dramatic fashion when the villagers gather to celebrate Marlon's 40th birthday.Verity explains: "April is there with Bob because Donna has gone to a job interview. April runs out onto the street and has a real near-miss with Adam (Barton) on his quad bike."Marlon saves the day when he sees this little girl running into danger and he scoops her up and saves her."As Donna pulls up in her car, she gets out and sees April with Marlon for the first time..."Poor Donna, it never goes right for her, but I'm sure this is going to be the start of many more things to come."Emmerdale airs on UTV weekdays from 7pm.


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