Donna and Ross head for huge drama

Donna and Ross head for huge drama

Emmerdale's Donna and Ross' unlikely relationship is becoming more and more intense and the pair are heading for huge drama as "the stakes get higher", according to actress Verity Rushworth.

Since discovering she has terminal cancer, policewoman Donna has been leading a secret life of crime - with bad boy Ross as her accomplice - in order to leave something behind for her young daughter April.But Donna's great plan met a complication as she was not expecting to get involved with Ross."Donna is having a secret on-off relationship with Ross which is extremely steamy," explained Verity. "One minute she's like 'no' and the next minute she is like 'yes' and it's really full of passion."Donna is keeping her relationship with Ross a secret because she is a police officer and he is an absolute wrong-un' - always getting up to no good."She knows it's wrong and everyone in the village knows how bad he is and it would be frowned upon. And what he did to Laurel, with the mugging, was horrendous.Things are hotting up in both a professional sense and a personal sense.Verity Rushworth (Donna)"So the fact that Donna's in a relationship with Ross is ridiculous, but Ross has such a power over her and she can't help it. It's like a moth to a flame."But it is not long before Donna and Ross' criminal activities begin to affect others, as a botched robbery at a jewellery shop leaves its owner in a coma.How will Donna cope with her part in the crime and what will it mean for her relationship with Ross?Verity revealed: "Things are really going to step up a gear for Donna, there is going to be something huge coming up shortly to do with this big robbery and of course it doesn't go to plan,"The stakes are going to get higher, there's going to be more action and there's going to be a lot more steam."


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