Diaz: 'Celeb leak a major violation'

Diaz: 'Celeb leak a major violation'

Hollywood stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel speaks about their latest film Sex Tape, which has unwittingly drawn parallels to recent news headlines regarding the celebrity nude photos leak.

The recent hacking saw names including Jennifer Lawrence, Cara Delevigne, Lea Michele, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Upton linked to the list of around 100 famous people whose intimate pictures had reportedly been posted online after their iCloud accounts were breachedThe incident is currently being investigated by the FBI in the US.Meanwhile, the new film Sex Tape sees Cameron and Jason portray a married couple who make an explicit home video and accidentally send it via iCloud to the iPads of their friends, family and co-workers.But what should be seen as another fun Hollywood romantic comedy has quickly become a cautionary tale as its content is similar to recent events."What has happened in real life is a terrible crime," Jason told This Morning's Phillip and Holly."It's very easy when you use the word celebrity to take away the human aspect that that is an actual person, with a life. The whole tabloid culture to some extent dehumanises the idea of what a celebrity is. This is a person."The movie is about a couple who has a self-inflicted technology fail, it's a very different thing.Cameron added: "It is a major violation. Hopefully whoever has done it will be caught and made examples of because this can happen to anyone."If these guys can do it to this group of people then everyone is vulnerable to it and I think that people really need question how they would feel if that happened to them."But despite the seriousness of the recent headlines, Cameron and Jason were eager to chat about the fun aspect of their new movie, as they admitted the subject matter of the film meant they were very much exposed to one another.Holly was keen to know just how much nudity they were subjected to on set, which Cameron replied: "We actually had what is called modesty garments, which are basically pieces of material that are cut and placed strategically on out bits and parts that we aren't exposing to the camera."The actress revealed she has an assistant who helped her apply the "modesty garments" when filming, jokingly adding: "We know each other very well and I trust her incredibly."I didn't have someone to apply my modesty garment," quipped Jason. "I had the awkward clumsy process of figuring it out for myself - I figured it out though!"Hollywood hits #ThisMorning! @Schofe @CameronDiaz @jasonsegel @Hollywills pic.twitter.com/006aeVGJaH— This Morning (@itvthismorning) September 3, 2014


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