Corrie's new girl set to cause trouble

Corrie's new girl set to cause trouble

Coronation Street viewers were introduced to new character Alya Nazir in spectacular fashion last week, and actress Sair Khan said she is set to cause more trouble in Weatherfield.

Alya found herself in the middle of a relationship drama, after spending the night with Gary Windass, unaware that he had a partner.

"It wasn't her fault," Sair told This Morning's Phillip and Holly. "She didn't know, she just thought she met a nice guy in a club.

"She thought there was an instant attraction and it was only afterwards when she finds out he has got a girlfriend and a baby that she's like: "That's not cool."

"And she give him so many chances to redeem himself, apologise and do the right thing and at every turn he just makes the wrong decision."

The young actress said she was settling in well with her fellow Corrie cast members, but admitted to an embarrassing encounter with actor Mikey North (Gary) during her audition for the part of Alya.

"I think I was the last of six people," she explained. "It had been raining so I looked terrible and I was quite nervous going in there.

"Everyone put me at ease straight away and just has I went to shake Mikey's hand, I literally give him a shock from my jumper - sparks flew from the start!"

Joining Sair in the This Morning studio was her on-screen father, actor Jimi Minstry, as he explained the interesting dynamics his character Kal will have with his family.

He said: "(Kal) has got quite an interesting relationship with both Alya, my daughter, and my son, who will be starting (on Coronation Street) later on.

"(He) was away a lot when they were being brought up, (he) was in the army, so (they) have this estranged relationship.

"(Kal) is very cautious about how Alya will accept Leanne (Tilsley), but (she) seems to accept that, which is a really nice thing for Kal, but then there's going to be a lot of other stuff..."

"The other stuff" begins with Kal's mother being informed by a vengeful Nick Tilsley that Kal's new girlfriend used to be a prostitute.

"Kal has accepted it, but the family is a different thing," warned Jimi.


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