Corrie's Tina reveals her secret

Corrie's Tina reveals her secret

Desperate to talk to someone about her affair with Peter Barlow, Coronation Street's Tina McIntyre confides in new flatmate Steph about her 'friend' who is having an affair with a married man - but Steph is quick to realise she is talking about herself.

Since returning to Weatherfield and resuming her liaisons with Peter, Tina has been struggling with being the 'other woman'.Her emotions are even more scattered when she declares her love for Peter, but a straight talking Steph has strong words of warning for the young barmaid.Speaking about Tina's accidental confession, actress Michelle Keegan said: "I think she's a bit shocked and embarrassed but also relieved to have someone to talk to. It's a very lonely time for Tina and I think she needs someone to confide in."Steph tells her it will all end in tears, but Tina doesn't want to hear it."She's in love with this man. She's doing things she never thought she would do and she's betrayed her friends because she loves him."And Tina's guilt over the affair is made worse when Peter's wife Carla confides in her about their marriage.But will Peter ever leave Carla for her?"She doesn't want to betray Carla but her feelings for Peter and the urge to have him overrides everything else," said Michelle."'The 'other woman' is something she never thought she'd be and she does struggle with that."Coronation Street airs on UTV Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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