Corrie's Tina McIntyre's killer revealed

Corrie's Tina McIntyre's killer revealed

After weeks of speculation, it was finally revealed who pushes Tina McIntyre to her death on Tuesday.

Viewers discovered that it was Rob Donovan who fought with Tina on the balcony at the Builder's Yard, after confronting her about her affair with his brother-in-law Peter Barlow.During the heated exchange, Rob accidently pushed Tina off the scaffolding and looked on in shock as she lay motionless on the cobbles below.The revelation finally acquits the three other suspects - Peter, Carla and Tracy - who all had reason to fight with Tina.Tina's death comes as Corrie actress Michelle McIntyre leaves the soap after six and a half years playing the young barmaid.Her exit storyline began months ago as Tina engaged in an affair with Peter, with the truth finally revealed to all involved on Tuesday.But while Tina's death scenes looked spectacular on screen, Michelle had some difficulty performing the daring stunt for the camera, which resulted in a few tears for the actress.Speaking in behind-the-scenes footage from the Corrie set, Michelle reveals all that goes on to get the perfect shots.She said: "This is the Tina and Rob stunt where Rob pushes Tina off the balcony. I'm really excited about it, there's a good energy around, and everyone is really up for it."We've got a stunt lady with us called Tracy who is dressed as Tina, and I'm not joking it's so high up there and she's not even nervous. She is made of steal."I'm nervous and I'm not even doing it!Watching her stunt double enact the dramatic fall from a higher height resulted in more nerves for the actress, who had to perform the same stunt without the scary altitude.Following her big moment, Michelle admits she got a bit emotional after her performance."I'm not gonna lie, that was so, so hard. I panicked, I didn't think I was going to, I know it looks easy, like you can do that jumping on a bed, but from that height..."And it's against your instincts as well, you put your hands out when you fall backwards, so I really panicked and I started crying."The dramatic storyline now continues as the police will launch an investigation into Tina's death which will grip Weatherfield in the coming months as the audience will see Rob desperately trying to evade justice.Blown away by twitter tonight!Almost fell off my balcony!! (Bad joke)— Marc Baylis (@Marc_Baylis) May 27, 2014


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