Corrie's Roy gets a message from Hayley

Corrie's Roy gets a message from Hayley

With the residents of Coronation Street increasingly concerned for Roy Cropper's whereabouts, he returns to the cobbles this week to find a mysterious package.

Unable to cope with the death of his beloved Hayley, Roy disappeared shortly after her funeral under the pretence that he was going to visit his mother.But a concerned Fiz soon realised he wasn't where he said he was and, full of panic, began to search for the widower."Hayley's death hit him very hard and people obviously worry," said actor David Neilson."Fiz became very concerned with his absence. He is very much a loner and I don't think he thinks anyone is going to notice."However - much to the relief of his friends - Roy finally returns to the Street.David explains: "(He) does show up and it is in the science museum."You might expect to find him in a science museum and that's exactly where he is found, but he is found by Steve McDonald, who you wouldn't expect to find in a science museum."Everyone is very pleased to see him when he gets back to the cafe, but again he sort of locks himself away."He still needs his space; I think he comes back because he doesn't want to worry people."But while Roy begins to carry on with his life without Hayley, he is shocked to discover a delivery waiting for him at home."When Roy returns there is a bit of a mystery because these parcels start arriving for him and they are from Hayley."She has pre-ordered these things for Roy and that actually takes him through the next part of his journey really."Mary is very keen to know what is in them but Roy won't let her know and I'm not letting you know either - you'll have to watch it!"Coronation Street airs on UTV Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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