Corrie's Maria heading for a meltdown

Corrie's Maria heading for a meltdown

As Maria's world falls apart after discovering Marcus with Todd, Coronation Street actress Samia Ghadie reveals her character could be heading for a meltdown as she struggles to cope with his betrayal.

Ever since walking in on Marcus and Todd in a very compromising position, an angry Maria has become more and more erratic and has even lashed out at her friends."Maria hasn't really been herself lately, she's had quite a lot on her mind," says Samia."Maria's world pretty much crumbled when she found Todd and Marcus together, it was kind of all her worst fears realised in that one moment and it was awful."Her behaviour starts to become a bit more erratic now."Making matters worse is the fact that she lives on the same street as Todd, who is taking great pleasure in his actions.Samia explains: "Marcus has gone off somewhere, which she is really happy about because she doesn't have to see him every day, but she does have to see Todd everyday..."It's not easy for her and that kind of makes her behaviour a little bit unpredictable and her friends are a little bit concerned about her to say the least."And as she eventually spirals more and more out of control, Maria soon heads down a dangerous path."Maria has been getting a lot of support from Tyrone and Fiz, but she's kind of getting the wrong idea of Tyrone's support and sort of starts seeing it as something more than what it is."Then she makes a massive mistake and she tries it on with Tyrone."It's so far from right, it's so wrong what Maria has done trying to cause trouble between Tyrone and Fiz."Maria has opened up a huge can of worms with this one, there's going to be lots more drama to come."Coronation Street airs on UTV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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