Corrie residents put through their paces

Corrie residents put through their paces

The residents of Coronation Street are put through their paces during the 5K charity fun run, but as actor Craig Charles reveals, it becomes less about the fun for his character Lloyd.

Lloyd and best friend Steve have become rivals ahead of the event, with both eager to beat the other as a matter of principal."Steve and Lloyd are arch-enemies during the fun run," said actor Simon Gregson, who plays Rovers landlord Steve."There's been a bit of a build up to it, they've been ribbing each other for a few days now before the run."But have the pair done as much training as they have arguing with one another?"We've been in training for weeks!" joked Craig. "I've just been hanging out at the Olympic Park and just talking to top athletics, getting tips."The last time I did 5K, I just stopped and said: "Look love, have your handbag back..."Joking aside, Lloyd and Steve's rivalry takes a serious turn during the race and as a result Lloyd ends up in hospital."Steve trips me up and he wins the race," explained Craig. "I'm angry and we have a bit of a shove about, next minute, (Lloyd has a) massive coronary."There's a lot of drama coming up on the big fun run - when the fun run isn't fun anymore..."Coronation Street airs on UTV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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