Cheryl returns to get her own back

Cheryl returns to get her own back

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini parted ways with Simon Cowell a few years ago in less than amicable circumstances, but it would seem all is forgiven, for now...

After what she describes as "a lot of begging and grovelling" from Simon, Cheryl agreed to once again take up her seat at the X Factor judges' desk and she is determined to find the UK's next big star. Ahead of the show's return to UTV on Saturday, Cheryl admitted she would really love to have someone as exciting as Ed Sheeran audition for the show.What made you decide to come back to the show this year?Well aside from a lot of begging and grovelling on Mr Cowell's part, it just felt like the right time to come back. I'd had enough time away to appreciate it and get really excited to find new talent again. We've heard that Simon has been winding you up during filming for the auditions?Simon has his very own way of being very annoying. He knows which buttons to push and he'll push them, and push them, and push them. But I play the long game. I'm waiting. Don't worry about me, I'll get my own back.Which artist out there at the moment sums up what The X Factor is all about for you?I think Ed Sheeran's definitely got the X Factor. The guy is a superstar. He writes amazing lyrics. His collaborations are spot on. His videos are fun. He's unexpected, he's not commercially what you would think of. He's somebody that I would die for if he arrived at The X Factor to audition.As you and Mel B have both come from girl groups, do you have similar opinions in terms of what you're looking for from a group?We do and a lot of the time Mel says things and I think 'that's exactly how I would put it, that's exactly how I feel.' Not only about groups, just in general, I agree with a lot of the things she says and thinks. She has a very good way of putting things. She's a bit more blunt than I am in her approach, which I love. But definitely when it comes to the girl groups we have the same answer about what it takes to be a girl group.What's the biggest audition turn off for you?The biggest audition 'turn off' is when they come in the room and they try and kiss you, or they come in and break-dance before they've introduced themselves. Doing what they think you want them to do is a big no-no for me - I want things to be authentic.


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