Big drama for Emmerdale in 2014

Big drama for Emmerdale in 2014

With another year over in the Dales, series producer Kate Oaten has revealed some of the big storylines Emmerdale viewers can expect in 2014 - and she has warned there is huge drama ahead.

"2013 has been fantastic for us this year. There have been some really great highlights," she said.

"I've loved the fire at Dale View, Amy's exit story, all the stuff with the siege - that great Cameron story, Gennie's car crash, I thought that was heartbreaking and we have just had the big fire at Home Farm for Christmas.

"So it has been fantastic, really busy and really energetic and we won some nice shiny prizes which always helps morale as well - it's been a good year."

With so much drama packed into one year for the Yorkshire village, what is to be expected for 2014?

Kate revealed: "We are gonna kick off with some great stuff at Home Farm, Declan and Charity are right at the centre of everything. We have seen over Christmas that Declan, along with his empire, lost his mind and also almost lost his life.

"Charity went in and saved him at the last minute, but obviously there's always got to be something in it for her, so she has this plan and they have set up Sam and Rachel.

Declan and Charity have basically become the McBeths, which I think is super cool and very dark.

Kate Oates, Emmerdale series producer

Christmas Day in the Dales saw the return of Alicia's sister Leyla, and Kate revealed the troublesome sibling will, as expected, return once again to cause havoc.

"You can't just bring Leyla back once," admitted Kate.

"She might not be completely honest about what she has been doing; she might have a couple of secrets up her sleeve.

"I think when Alicia starts tugging at that thread and it all unravels that will be fun for the audience."

And there is to be a big storyline ahead for the Dingle's "bright spark" Belle - putting huge strain on the whole Dingle clan.

Kate explained: "One of the things I think is brilliant about the Dingles is that they always triumph against adversity - it's a struggle but they stick together - and we have got a story that really tests them as a family this year.

"Belle has always been the bright spark and the big hope, and something really life changing is going to happen for her quite early in the year and she'll need the support of her family, but maybe they don't quite support her in the way that she needs."

2014 is going to be big; I'm really looking forward to it.

Kate Oates

Meanwhile the Pollards, who have just got over Amy's departure, are set to be tested this year.

"The story I'm really looking forward to in 2014 is the new story for the Pollards," revealed Kate. "It's a completely different kind of story to the one that we have played with them when they were living with Amy.

"What's great about this new direction for them is that it will give us a new slant on the Pollards, it challenges them in a way that we have never seen before and I think it will be a really exciting story for a soap like us to tell."

And while viewers have recently met some new faces in the form of the Barton boys, who are also set to have a huge storyline this year, Kate has revealed some old faces could be returning to Emmerdale in 2014.

But she is remaining tight-lipped about who it could be, commenting: "I don't want to tell you too much about that, I want viewers to watch it and enjoy the surprise."

Emmerdale airs on UTV weekdays from 7pm.


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