Ballymena action hero Neeson 'saves pup'

Ballymena action hero Neeson 'saves pup'

In a scene that could have come straight from a movie, Ballymena's own action hero Liam Neeson is reported to have saved a dog that was being stoned by a gang of teenage boys in New York City.

With the story originating from an anonymous tip-off, it's worth taking with a hefty pinch of salt - but everyone is certainly keen to believe that the Taken star strode to the rescue.The story has been widely circulating on social media, with a certain amount of glee at the prospect of the rumour being true.According to reports, Liam was jogging in Manhattan's Central Park when he was alerted to the poor dog's plight by the shouts of a woman who saw the animal being harmed.He was said to have immediately turned and "charged down the path" to confront those responsible as they threw rocks at the dog.The source claims that Liam yelled at the teenage gang 'wannabes' to "stop or he'd knock the crap out of them".Ballymena natives might imagine he said something slightly more colourful and perhaps less understandable to an American ear ...Regardless, the source claims the "swaggering punks" told the Hollywood star to mind his own business - before a furious Liam warned them to "back off fast, or else!"They are said to have made a hasty retreat, while Liam just shook his head and then turned his attention to the shivering dog, stroking it until police intervened.An officer apparently thanked him and said: "I'll take it from here, sir."According to the Daily Mail, a representative for the star said on Friday that the story was "not true".The general consensus on social media seems to be: if it's not true, it should be!


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