Are we born to cheat?

Are we born to cheat?

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz caused a stir recently after she claimed that people are 'born to cheat' on their partners - This Morning debates whether or not this holds any truth.

Statistics reveal that 60% of men and 40% of women will cheat on their partners at some stage during their marriage and that a huge 50% of marriages that end in divorce are due to infidelity.But does this prove that human beings are not programmed to be in a monogamous relationship?Journalist Catherine Cooper argued with a resounding no, saying: "What separates us from the animals is humans are programmed to seek stability, love, support, all that kind of thing."In a healthy relationship, I would think most people would forget about just going off with their quick bit of fun elsewhere in favour of the stability, love and support they have at home."Humans are programmed to seek out stability."But relationship and sex therapist Louise Van Der Velde disagreed and argued that "monogamy is not part of our DNA".People want more from life.Louise Van Der Velde, relationship and sex therapist"You are going against the natural way of things," said Louise, who is currently in an open relationship."You are going against the grain of things when you make your promises and your vows to be monogamous to that person for 60 years, or for however long it may be."Love your partner unconditionally, but accept that perhaps what you wanted in your 20s may be different when you are in your 40s.This was not an acceptable argument for Catherine, who asked her: "Why not stay single is that's what you think is the best thing to do?"90% of This Morning viewers believed that we are not born to cheat, while just 10% think that we are.


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