An indecent proposal for Anna Windass

An indecent proposal for Anna Windass

With the fate of her family hanging in the balance, Coronation Street's Anna Windass is offered an indecent proposal from Phelan, but will she go through with it in order to help the ones she loves?

Actress Debbie Rush says her character wouldn't even consider the idea, until she is reminded of the hold Phelan has over her family...She explained: "Things are quite sad in the Windass house at the moment, things couldn't get any worse."There's been a lot of pressure building with Owen, Gary and Phelan. Phelan has got them exactly where he wants them now, he is really taking the mick out of them, he has got them working all hours God sends and the two of them are absolutely shattered, they can't possibly do any more."At breaking point, Owen has an idea of how to make their problems go away."Things get so bad that Owen takes matters into his own hands and actually tries to sabotage the whole project," said Debbie. "He tries to burn the mill down and good old Anna steps up to the breach and just about manages to stop him on time.Meanwhile son Gary is feeling that it is all his fault and starts having major panic attacks just like he did when he came back from Afghanistan."So it comes to the point where Anna thinks, "OK, I'm gonna have to stand in here" and she takes matters into her own hands."She goes to see Valerie, well she thinks she is off to see Valerie, and when she gets there Valerie is at the gym or she is having her nails painted, one of them things and Phelan pulls up and invites her into the house."So she goes in and he offers a little plan to make the whole thing go away - and it's awful."In exchange for leaving her family alone, Phelan wants one night with Anna, but is this something she could possibly do?"She has got absolutely no intention to whatsoever, but when she goes home that night, that's when we see the big melt down with Gary and she feels like she is backed into a wall."She goes to bed thinking about this indecent proposal."She does actually go to the hotel, we see her knock on the door, but will she go through with it?"Coronation Street is broadcast on UTV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm.


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