'A-Team' hunt for lost wedding speech

'A-Team' hunt for lost wedding speech

The guests were gathered, the bride and groom were waiting, and then the two men sharing 'best man' duties lost their speech - it could have been disastrous, but not when your stash of secret weapons includes a tank. That's just a recipe for a viral wedding video ...

The exploits of Ronan O'Dornan and Damien Gallagher have been viewed by thousands around the world since being uploaded to YouTube less than a week ago.As Ronan told UTV, guests at the wedding of his brother Connor and bride Helena were left dumbstruck as he first misplaced his speech, then grabbed accomplice Damien and legged it.The pair then appeared to go on an epic hunt for the missing speech, courtesy of a pre-filmed video."The video played on the screen in the reception and it looked as if it was live," Ronan said."We've got bicycles, the tank, downhill mountain bikes, the kayaking, jet skis. There's a lot in there."Hang on, hang on - where do you just happen to find a tank?Driving past a vintage rally by chance, apparently."There were a lot of old Escorts and classic cars - and a tank sitting in the middle of the field," Ronan explained."Me and Damien just at the same time were like: 'Did you see the tank? We have to go and ask ...'"We drove up, went into the marquee, and there was a guy in there wearing camouflage trousers. I asked him if he happened to own a tank. He said: 'Yeah, that's my tank outside ...'Ronan O'Dornan, best manAnd so the hunt for the missing speech saw them race through rivers and hedges, over land and sea and hills and five-bar gates.But the crowning moment had to be that tank charging out of a shed."We've watched back some of the reaction videos from the guests and they're just in complete shock. And then whenever the tank appeared, it was great as well," Ronan said."The whole place just couldn't believe it."We put it online thinking we might get a couple of hundred people watching it, but 27,000 is a different story in the space of a couple of days."It's blown up a bit - it was completely unexpected, but we're enjoying it."While the bride and groom were delighted by the efforts of their two best men, it does give them a lot to live up to if any other friends or relatives should ask them to be part of their wedding."I'm sure I'll think of something," Ronan said.


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