24 star brings out Phillip's inner geek

24 star brings out Phillip's inner geek

24 actress Mary Lynn Rajskub was in the This Morning studio on Wednesday to chat about Jack Bauer's return after a four year break, but instead of talking about the show, the actress was met with a bombardment of questions from Phillip Schofield's 'inner geek'.

Rajskub returned to screens last week as Bauer's - played by Kiefer Sutherland - long-time sidekick Chloe O'Brian who is once again tasked with helping him thwart a political assassination, this time in London.But after showing a typical 24 clip of Chloe helping Jack via telephone while he chases a suspect through London's Underground, Phillip had a few helpful notes for the actress."How does the phone signal work down there?" he wondered"Because it just works," Rajskub jokingly replied.Phillip continued: "They are being like "I've transferred the files to you now - yep got them". In London? Are you serious?!""You are a true fan - I like this!" the actress quipped."Don't worry - I'm not crazy," said Phillip. "I'm not like a loop that's hanging around your hotel...I am."(But) you have played fast and free with the geography of London because (Jack Bauer) did go west from Shepherd's Bush and end up at the river (Thames) - that's not possible."Phillip wasn't finished with his observations, and continued: "Whenever someone gets arrested, they bring them straight the way through the centre of the main base."So you've got everyone working away, someone's arrested and they are brought through the middle of it."Who's gonna do that? It's like getting arrested by MI5 and being taken through the centre!"When Rajskub did eventually talk about her character, she explained how fans of the show will see a big change in Chloe compared to the previous seasons.She said: "(Chloe) was like a computer nerd, rule follower, you can put her in a slot - doing everything that she was supposed to do."Because of how season eight ended Chloe became very disillusioned by the things she learned were really happening in the world."I think helping Jack has really opened her eyes to how things really work, in a negative sense and also she has suffered personal tragedy so that is reflected in her look."


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