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NI Assembly Elections 2011 Results

The 2011 Northern Ireland Assembly election is the first in a generation to be fought on socio-economic issues, rather than constitutional ones. UTV Live Tonight will be examining the following issues throughout the campaign:

End of term at Stormont
The Northern Ireland Assembly was dissolved on 25 March, after serving its first full four-year term in 40 years. But what has it done since it was elected in 2007, with the restoration of devolved government.
What particular aspects of the education system are worrying parents, teachers and students? UTV Live Tonight assesses how Stormont performed when it comes to Northern Ireland's schools and universities.
What does the future hold for the health service in Northern Ireland? UTV Live Tonight looks at one of the most divisive issues for the Stormont government.
UTV Live Tonight looks back at how MLAs performed in the last term of the Assembly, against a backdrop of recession and rising unemployment following the banking crisis and property collapse.
First Time Voters
The first time vote has always been a ripe recruiting ground for political parties, but has there been more emphasis on youth in the run up to the 2011 election?
Rural Issues
While agriculture plays a major part in Northern Ireland's economy, is enough consideration being given to those living and working in the countryside? UTV Live Tonight looks at the issues facing rural communities.
After three years of rising unemployment, UTV Live Tonight looks at what politicians are doing to create the right atmosphere for investment in Northern Ireland, amid severe spending cuts.
While the Stormont Assembly has survived its first full four-year term in 40 years, is devolved government in Northern Ireland in need of an overhaul? UTV Live Tonight looks at the prospect of sweeping reform.
Women in Politics
The political landscape at Stormont may have changed dramatically over the last decade, but why are there still so few women getting involved? UTV Live Tonight looks at the issues affecting women in Northern Ireland.
Alternative Vote
On May 5th, voters in the Assembly and local government elections will also be asked whether or not to change the system used to elect MPs to Westminster. UTV Live Tonight looks at the issue of the AV referendum.