Bloody Sunday & The Saville report

A collection of videos and archives about the 1972 event and its aftermath
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Families react to Saville report

The families walked out of the Guildhall in Derry and gave their long-awaited reaction to the Saville Report to the waiting crowds.

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11:58 on 06 March 2011, John wrote:

The deputy first Minister Martin McGuinness refused to give evidence to the Saville enquiry about IRA involvement, including his own, in the "civil rights" riots so therefore there is a cover up of the truth.

15:55 on 18 June 2010, Daniel wrote:

However Antaine I agree with David. the money that has been offered could have gone 2 better use but you and everyone else are disliking the British yet are able to take the British money offered to you. These "innocent people" should not have been out protesting to start with as Stormont had banned the protest in the first place and also if they were being shot at the soldiers are trained not to fire unless they feel threatened. Also when we hear that the Deputy First Minister of this county was walking around that day prepared to fight with a machine gun under his control it makes you think how is he anything to do with the rule of this country? He still denies allogations and everybody knows that he was part of the republican terrorist group. Where is the justice and compensation for the families this happened to? There is none! The Parachute Regiment followed orders and only opened fire when they had to and when they were being shot at first. If somebody opened fire at you and you had a gun wound you too not retaliate?

12:13 on 17 June 2010, david mccaughan wrote:

For god seek let it go its near 40 years later! This is not the only thing has happened ie the shankill and gerysteel! All that money should never have been spend on it! Shoud have been put to good use like the NHS!

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