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Published Tuesday, 01 October 2013
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We're living in a police state. Before you get hot under the collar, I'm referring to the Nanny State and the Health and Safety police.

But be very careful. Getting too hot under the collar is a health and safety issue.

The 21st Century may well be the era of not too high, not too fast, not too heavy and not too dark. Not "too" anything, in fact.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the need to avoid unnecessary hazards, minimise risk and maximise safe outcomes. (You see, I'm even beginning to talk like Them.)

But whatever happened to Common Sense? How can we judge a situation if we're rarely allowed to use our critical faculties?

Recently, I was reporting from an airport and all media personnel were ordered to wear high-visibility vests. A real thing of beauty in eye-wateringly bright yellow.

We looked like a gaggle of nuclear ducks and I was the biggest duck in the pond.

For a few brief moments I took mine off so that I could do a quick 'piece-to-camera'.

Immediately I was spotted by a health and safety official and ordered to put the hi-vis back on.

"How did you spot me?" I asked him.

"You weren't wearing your hi-vis yellow vest," the official said, the irony meter about to explode, "so you stood out like a sore thumb."

Defeated and perplexed in equal measure, I retired to a nearby hut where refreshments were provided.

"Cup of tea, please," I said. "But not too hot."

If you can't beat them, join them.

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Mark McFadden
Mark McFadden

Mark McFadden is a world-award winning journalist based in the north West.

Known for his expertise on Bloody Sunday and the Saville Inquiry, he was the only reporter to cover the Inquiry from inception to completion.

In his spare time Mark is a keen guitarist and golfer (when the weather allows).

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