Total Mortification

Published Monday, 31 March 2014
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As the week kicks off in Emmerdale, after Belle's confession the Dingles are devastated when they accompany her to the police station-only to see her charged with murder!

Dom is left absolutely reeling by the news and struggles to contain his anger when the court grants her bail.

Lisa and Zak are locked in a furious argument over his decision to take Belle to the police in the first place.

Meanwhile, wee Jacob is involved in some dodgy dealings with goods he has stolen from the shop, and when Val catches him she wastes no time in using her new found power over him!

Then Val is absolutely shocked when someone posts a message on the B&B's website saying that one of the staff is HIV positive.

Dying of total mortification but determined to face the village over the news, she enlists Finn's help in tracking down the culprit, only to find that the evidence points to Ian!

As Ross continues to use the garage as a holding pen for the stolen cars, Cain warns him and Debbie that this is not a good time to be caught doing anything illegal. Nevertheless when the police come snooping around, Cain covers for the pair.

Debbie cannot resist just one more deal, however, and when things go wrong she is arrested.
Pete plays her knight in shining armour and threatens the man whom she assaulted in a bid to make him drop charges.

Harriet and Sandy throw a tea party for Edna's birthday. When he presents her with a gift of a scratch-card, she discovers that she has won twenty grand!

And, deciding that what the village needs is a beauty salon, the bold Bernice plans a new business venture!

Fancy a Brazilian anyone?

I wonder who'll be the first in??

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield, Carla struggles to find the right moment to tell Peter about the fact that she is eating for two!

Consumed with guilt Peter vows to stand by her whatever she decides to do.

Then Tina shocks Peter even further by revealing that, indeed, she too may also be preggers, and, of course, and as usual, Peter turns to the bottle!!

Good old Steve helps Peter to cover up his drinking binge, but nearly loses his eyesight when Peter comes clean about his affair with Tina!

Phelan continues his hate campaign against Owen, who discovers that he has been blacklisted by the local council.

Owen is left red-faced when he is forced to ask Tim for Faye's school trip.

Realising the strain Phelan's actions are placing on her family, Anna begs Valerie for help and reveals all about Phelan's dark side.

"Selly" becomes concerned about Maddie's influence over "Saawfie". However the pair tell her the truth about the fact that they are both wearing more comfortable shoes, and their relationship, so Selly grudgingly allows Maddie to stay!

Then Kathy Kirby look-a-like, Julie, and Selly plan a ladies night at the Bistro!

Eva is devastated when she finds out that Stella is planning to leave Weatherfield for New York, especially when it becomes clear that Leanne already knew of her intentions.

However Tony persuades Eva to make amends before her mother bids farewell.

Leanne and Eva move into the flat above the kebab shop.

Nick becomes suspicious when he sees Kal and Leanne flirting but Kal assures him that he has nothing to worry about.

Dev and Kal open their new gym but are disappointed when ther first customer is Norris.

Gail is shaken when the police ask her to identify the thief who stole her necklace.

Then Peter raises the rent on the shop in an attempt to annoy Tracy and Rob.

That's the best thing he's done in months!

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gillian in northumberland wrote (261 days ago):
How many more times am I going to hear xxxx you have been charged with the murder of xxxx. Is that the only story line that the writers can think of. I am pleased that I do not live in Emmerdale - hotspot for murder or what!
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