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Published Monday, 26 May 2014
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In Emmerdale, still racked with guilt over Charity's miscarriage Megan announces that she is leaving.

Of course, Declan tries to persuade her not to go and tells Jai that if she does, she will be playing right into Charity's hands.

She decides to call Charity's bluff and makes a clean breast of everything to Declan. His reaction surprises everyone - not least Charity when he suggests that they try for another child.

Ross wonders if Donna's list of stolen cars is a trap - until Cain checks it out and tells him that it is genuine. Now realising that Donna is a truly bent cop, Ross joins forces with her to burgle the home of a well-known criminal before the police get there.

Sean is left reeling when he gets a letter summoning him to testify against Belle at the trial.

Victoria is shocked when Finn plucks up the courage to tell Simon his true identity but his actions results in Robbie getting thrown out of Home Farm and ending up homeless.

Moira finds James and Adam still snapping at one another but is relieved when James tells her that their secret is still safe.

James and Chas have a heart-to-heart which puts the cat among the pigeons for once and for all.

Dan is not at all happy when Kerry has a collision with a French cyclist and invites him to stay in the village!!.

Val's happiness at the fan mail she has received is short lived when she opens the decree. Pollard seems uninterested but confides in Diane about the foundation he intends setting up in Val's name!Diane and Debbie plan their trip to Spain.

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield, Peter tells Steve that he loves Carla and he wants to stay in Weatherfield rather than run away with Tina, who confesses her affair to a horrified Rita and receives a slap across the bake!

At Tracy's engagement party, Peter tries desperately to get away to talk to Tina, who walks in just as Carla announces her pregnancy!

Tina later pays the price for her affair when she is violently attacked and left for dead by an unknown assailant.

As the residents learn of Tina and Peter's affair, their shock turns to horror when she is found unconscious and clinging to life.

As Rita and David keep a vigil at Tina's bedside, one resident in particular arouses the suspicions of the police.

Owen backs Anna into a corner and she finally confesses her secret deal with Phelan. Owen decides that he needs to get away, prompting Izzy and Katy to push Anna for answers.

Eva lets slip to Gail that Kal and Leanne have been seeing each other behind Nick's back. Gail tries to force them to admit their relationship, but Leanne remains hesitant as she worries about the potential effect on the already traumatised Simon.

Tracy assures Tony that she is still up for collecting the stolen goods, despite it being the night of her engagement party!

She drops the dodgy gear off at Tony's lock-up, but as she tries to sneak into No 1 through the back yard, she bumps into Rob doing the same thing.

Steph spends the night at Luke's flat, unable to face going home after the awful attack on Tina!

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