The cat is out of the bag

Published Monday, 17 March 2014
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As the week begins in Emmerdale, Zak is still aware that Lisa is keeping something from him, while she feels guilty for not telling him what she knows about Belle.

It seems that Belle is about to let the cat out of the bag herself when she gets absolutely plastered and starts to talk to Sean.

Cain thinks that the only option is to encourage Dom to leave the village for good.

Jai and Priya are having lunch when she faints, hitting her stomach against the table! As she is taken to hospital to check on the baby, David is stunned that Alicia already knew about her eating disorder but never mentioned it to him.

Meanwhile Declan draws up a contract handing over a third of the business to Charity, who is planning to plead poverty in her forthcoming divorce hearing. When Megan sees the Home Farm contract she is quick to make sure that Jai gets a copy. Then when Charity finds out that Jai's solicitor is also aware of the arrangement, she pins the blame on Finn.

Moira realises that Chas and James have been "up them sturs"!

Adam is under the misapprehension that Pete is back dealing again, unaware that he has just had a row with Debbie.

Ruby and Ali are hopeful as they prepare to head to the bank for a meeting about a loan.
Marlon, meanwhile, nearly runs over a little girl when he goes quad biking with Paddy during his 40th birthday celebrations.

To his shock and surprise, Donna has returned - and the little girl is his daughter, April!

Will THAT put the cat among the pigeons or what???!!!!

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield...

The bold Todd seizes an opportunity to be alone with Marcus as he waits for Maria at a house viewing. Posing as Marcus's boyfriend, Todd leans in for a snog just as Maria arrives with Audrey by her side, and boy, do they get an eyeful!!

Horrified and absolutely furious, Maria slaps Marcus across the bake and ends their relationship!
Todd asks statuesque Eileen to put Marcus up, and later manipulates Julie into offering him a more permanent home!

Later Maria launches a scathing attack on Marcus in the pub, and does she name names, or what!!!

Poor Roy suffers a setback as he collects Hayley's ashes from the undertaker. Fiz's persistence leads her to discover what exactly Roy has been hiding - his flat has been taken over by his model railway.

News of Kevin's return to the street causes concern for several residents, especially Stella, Tyrone and Tim!

Sophie and Maddie finally get "up them sturs" but Sophie's suggestion that they keep things quiet upsets Maddie , who runs away and ends up nucking one of Kevin's bags just as he returns to the street.

Then shortly after that Kevin mistakes Tim for an intruder in Sally's house and attacks him!

Eva decides to move in with Jason.

Carla still cannot decide what to do about the pregnancy and snaps at Peter. After Michelle tells a white lie on Carla's behalf, Tina agrees to wait as long as it takes for Peter to break things off with her.

And if ANYBODY needs something broken off it's Peter Barlow!!!!

Leanne and Stella compete for Kal's affections, but it is Stella who is disappointed when Kal lets her down gently.

He later admits to Leanne that he wants her, but she struggles to suppress her remaining feelings for Nick!

It's not easy living in Soapland!

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