The Living Daylights

Published Monday, 04 February 2013
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Up in the Yorkshire Dales, Debbie is still hopping mad with Cain for beating the living daylights out of Cameron, while Zak admits to Moira that he was the one who attacked Cain last winter.

Cain finally admits his true feelings for Moira, but she has had enough and spurns him.

Cameron, meanwhile, realises that he has some serious ground to make up with Chas and so plans a romantic evening. She is initially frosty but begins to thaw when he produces an engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Katie confides in big "Aundy" that she cannot face being a godmother to Molly when she never can have a child of her own.

Declan is at a loss, wondering what he can do to help, but is left feeling even more sidelined when Steve suggests that Katie should take a trip to visit a stud farm in Argentina (and her just about able to walk after falling down that big hole a couple of months ago!).

Dom is worried that Debbie is getting out of her depth when she arranges to meet Pete. Indeed she is tempted by Pete's lucrative offer but it involves drugs!

Matters spiral out of control when Cain, Dom and Pete have a violent confrontation.

Adam is concerned for Moira and enlists Vanessa's help, suggesting that she take her mother on a girl's night out together.

Thomas continues to lead Sean astray, this time in a prank involving Sandy's scooter.

Laurel and Ashley are feeling left out of Gabby's life as the vile Bernice and Steve start to take over.

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield................................

Tyrone's reputation continues to be tarnished as he realises that many of the locals believe Kirsty's story rather than his, more fool them!

Desperate to be with his daughter, he takes drastic measures, enlisting Kevin and Fiz to help him get away with Ruby. A distraught Kirsty searches frantically for her daughter around the street as the police question Tyrone's friends.

In the fallout from Lewis' deception, dopey Gail faces the prospect of losing her home. Kylie is feeling chastened over her role in Lewis' plot but her sense of guilt soon dissipates when Gail announces that she will have to put the rent up to make ends meet!

Audrey gets a chance for revenge when she offers to help the young Platts buy Gail out!

With Gail down to her uppers, will Nick take pity on his mother and reinstate her at the Bistro?

Maria reaches the end of her tether with her current living arrangements and tells Kirk, Beth and Craig that it is time they moved out!

Beth does her best to try and win Maria over, but her plan for a fun night out backfires when Maria is confronted with the reality of Marcus' old life yet again.

The bold Tracy starts her new job in the knicker factory, absolutely horrified to be working under Kirk in packing, but, at the same time, thrilled at the opportunity to wind Michelle up.

Hayley and Roy remain suspicious of Sylvia's sudden return and question her about her financial situation.

Anna asks for Sylvia's help in looking after Faye but, when Sylvia dozes off, Faye is out that door like a scalded cat to meet up with her dad again!

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