Statuesque proportions

Published Tuesday, 07 August 2012
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Up in the Yorkshire Dales, completely devastated at the prospect of losing his son, Marlon begs Paddy to reconsider the move to New Zealand.

When his pleas fall on deaf ears, he swears to do everything within his power to stop Paddy and Rhona taking wee Leo with them.

With Laurel's encouragement he arranges to see a solicitor.

Paddy is disappointed when Marlon tells him that he cannot be his best man, but worse is to follow on the wedding day, when Marlon tells the happy couple that he has applied for a court order preventing them from taking Leo out of the country!

Meanwhile Nikhil's suspicions are aroused when Charity and Rishi return jubilant from a business meeting.

Rachael is absolutely furious with Jai, who still has not told Charity the truth! When he proposes setting her up in a flat in Leeds, she tells him in no uncertain terms that she and the baby are not for sale!

Jimmy and Carl come to the realisation that Charity is their only hope if the haulage business is to survive.

However, when she starts throwing her weight around, demanding 20% of the company AND suggesting that they sack Edna, the brothers wonder what a monster they have allowed themselves to get involved with!

Matters are not helped when Megan tells Carl that he has just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Up a Butlers Farm the tension between Alex and Moira is cracking, and they share a kiss - but will it be a one off? I don't think so.

Alex gets close and Moira kisses him adamant it is just a one off.

And! Dan tries it on with Chas!

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield...

Kirsty's violent behaviour continues to cause alarm.

Tyrone persuades her to see Dr Carter, but she bottles out of it at the last minute, makes an excuse and leaves.

When Tyrone discovers the truth from Deirdre another violent confrontation results, leaving Deirdre suspecting that Tyrone has been beating Kirsty up.

Kirsty finally decides that she has had enough and leaves.

Of course, poor Tyrone struggles to cope, alienating his friends in the process, but he does get some really sensible advice from Kevin, although this may have come far too late.

Michelle is extremely proud when Steve arranges a gig for Ryan at a local pub-so proud that she does not notice a wodge of cash is missing from her handbag.

Meanwhile the bold Tracy continues to cause havoc at number 3 by destroying two pairs of Norris's dancing shoes. Will be go baldy or what?

Finally even Emily has had enough and she throws Tracy out.

Ken turns her away when she begs to be let in, but then it transpires that Tracy is very ill. (Remember she was transplanted with Samir's kidneys!!)

Ken, Deirdre and Amy come in to find Tracy unconscious.

Mary plots time away with Roy at an Elgar recital in Malvern, but when she suggests they spend the night in the motor home, Roy suddenly realises that he should be with Hayley on her big night at the dance competition.

Besides there really is no room for a girl with the statuesque proportions of Mary, to get her two legs flung to the moon within the confines of such a little motor home!

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