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Published Monday, 17 February 2014
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As the week begins in Emmerdale Brenda is shocked and humiliated when Bob confronts her with the CCTV evidence to prove that she is the thief.

Then Kerry's plans to help her come to grief, when she gets arrested for more shoplifting.

Val summons up the courage to tell Eric that she slept with a man who is HIV positive. His response is frosty as he follows her to the clinic, racked with guilt and worried about what to tell Diane.

When Val's results confirm that she has indeed got the virus, there is a huge row as she gives him a severe dig in the bake with a bottle and throws him out of the house.

Meanwhile Victoria nearly takes a buckle in her eye when Diane confesses that her legs went over her head and she slept with Eric!

Chas, who is looking absolutely fabulous at the moment, is really disappointed when James tells her that he has to go to France on business, but her disappointment turns to rage when she discovers that it is all part of a plot by Cain to get him out of the way!

Nicola and Bernice, who is still trying to get over being handcuffed to the bed, hatch a plan to catch the thieving Anton and retrieve Jimmy's favourite cufflinks by setting a honey trap!

Meanwhile Jai sacks his private investigator, but a new lead gives him hope that he has caught up with Rachel and Archie.

Megan is increasingly annoyed at being sidelined and kept out of the loop over the business by Declan and Charity.

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield, Peter and Tina continue their affair when he returns from Paris.
Peter suggests they make the most of their time together before Carla returns, so they arrange to meet up in his flat above the bookies.

Steve, under the impression that Peter and Carla are still in France, enlists Lloyd to help him investigate what he thinks may be a break in.

When they find a half-starkers Tina she tells them that she is just using their shower.
Later Tina is offended when Peter offers to help her with her rent.

Fiz is disturbed to learn that Roy's shopping bag has been found in the canal (no better place for it)and resolves to continue the search for him.

During a day out Steve, Tracy and Amy bump into Roy, who swiftly disappears again when Tracy reprimands him (cheeky cat!).

However he eventually returns and opens the cafe, but Fiz's concerns over his state of mind remain.

Dennis spends another night on Stella's sofa but later makes up with Rita.

So the bold Gloria feels hurt and decides to leave Weatherfield for a tour of Europe (let's hope she takes a high protection sun cream, for thon' face can take no more rays!) When Dennis finds out she is going away he is very tempted to join her! But does he??

Todd continues to manipulate those around him in his hot pursuit of Marcus, and what he's not going to do when he gets the hold of him!!

Indeed he tells sob stories to gain Marcus and Maria's sympathy.

Poor besotted Sean finds out that Todd is in love with somebody else and tells Marcus, who realises what is going on, and his jockey's practically burst into flames when he is unable to resist Todd any longer!!!

Izzy reassures Owen that he can trust Anna despite Phelan's advances. Meanwhile Phelan's wife Victoria refuses to take no for an answer when she invites Anna and the rest of the family for a lovely big dinner.

Which, no doubt, will probably come back down Anna's nose!

If she goes, of course!!

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