Red Anorak

Published Monday, 10 March 2014
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As the week begins in Emmerdale Pollard is having trouble accepting that Val is HIV positive and she is hurt by his coldness.

Diane urges her to give him time and it seems for a moment that he is willing to give it a go, but eventually it all becomes too much and they agree that it would be best if they if they split up!

Lisa wants to take Belle away from the village but she is adamant that she has to be there for Gemma's funeral.

Harriet is asked by Dom to organise the ceremony at short notice, and Belle does appear to read the lyrics of Gemma's favourite song, but disappears after the service, overcome with guilt.
Lisa has to admit to the rest of the family what Belle has done!

Meanwhile Debbie and Pete continue their clumsy courtship. Sensing the sexual tension between them, Ross confronts his big brother and sees a way of blackmailing him.

Finn is on edge after realising that Charity knows he has a crush on Declan, while, of course, Declan thinks that he can turn it to his advantage.

Marlon and Paddy come up with a plan to get the pigs back from the abattoir, and as Gabby helps to look after the rescued animals she announces that she is going vegan!

Ruby thinks that she has found a solution to her money worries, but as they involve an ex boyfriend she is playing with fire!

Then an argument between Noah and Jacob ends with Jacob throwing the other boy's mobile in the cattle trough.

When Alicia tells Jacob that he must pay for it out of his savings, he panics, having already emptied his account to give Leyla money for her rent!!

Meanwhile, over in Weatherfield, a smug Phelan takes a vicious delight in goading Gary, ordering him about and giving him pointless jobs.

Gary is fuming but Owen warns him that if he loses it again he will be looking at a prison sentence!

Together they celebrate a small victory when Owen admits that he gave Phelan a fake bill.

Unable to manage on her own with a broken wrist, Sophie asks Maddie to come and stay with her.

Sally has to be persuaded by Tim that this is a good idea, but once persuaded, she keeps a good close eye on her handbag!

Indeed, her suspicions seem justified when a bottle of vodka stolen from Dev's shop just happens to turn up in Maddie's bag!

Sophie confronts Maddie and resists when she makes a sexual advance!

Meanwhile Peter's life gets even more complicated when Tina admits that she has told Steph about their affair and tells him that the time has come they came clean to Carla!

THEN Carla discovers that she is eating for two and when Peter suspects that something is up, she fobs him off by saying that she is grieving for her stepdad.

Steve is worried about his mum and warns Tony not to mess her about, but the bold Liz snaps at him to back off!!

Steve worries Lloyd not to push things with Andrea in case he gets hurt, and she tells Steve to grow up as it is clear as day that he is just jealous.

Fiz is intrigued to hear from Sean that Todd has a secret boyfriend, and is quick to pick up on the sexual tension between him and Marcus- especially when she catches the pair up the entry as Marcus warns Todd to leave him alone.

Finally this week, Roy gets a call from the crematorium - Hayley's ashes are ready for collection, one urn for the ashes, and another for the burnt remains of thon' red anorak!!!!

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