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Published Monday, 03 June 2013
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It's quite a start to the week in Emmerdale as Rhona's increasing desperation leads her to raid ould Edna's bathroom cabinet in search of a fix.

A weekend away with Paddy turns into an absolute disaster as he is totally unable to cope with her erratic behaviour.

On their return, Vanessa takes her in hand and tells her that it is time to tell Paddy everything - but, you see, will she listen?

Thon sourpuss Debbie is playing a long game as she lures Robbie into a false sense of security.

But when she implements her sting and he ends up in the police station, even Charity has had enough of her, concerned about the effect she is having on the children.

Then somebody in the family reports Debbie to the social services.

Meanwhile Moira and Cain's relationship seems to have driven a wedge between Adam and his mother when her meets her in the street and tells her to stay out of his way.

Amy is shocked when Pollard tells her that Val seems to think that they are all moving to Portugal, but as she views the mess with Kerry and 'Aundy', Amy wonders if it may be the best option after all.

Diane returns to trump Val's grand plans by announcing that she, excuse me, is off to Australia!

Alicia quickly gets the measure of spoilt daddy's girl Gemma, realising that she will do anything to keep her away from her father - including turning on the waterworks when Dom is around.

Chas and Cameron visit the bank to inquire about buying the Woolpack, but while Chas is enthusiastic, he seems hesitant.... (I wonder why?)

Sean hatches a plan to invite Belle camping with him and his dad - but what will Lisa have to say about that?

Meanwhile, in little old Weatherfield, Karl panics as Dev continues to ponder the circumstances surrounding the Rovers fire.

Sure of Sunita's innocence, Dev pushes the police to re-examine the case.

Fearing that he soon will be found out, Karl plots to discredit Dev by throwing his mental state into the question among the street's residents.

Carla and Rob remain at loggerheads as she tries to make him pay for his disloyalty, and after they finally reach a financial agreement, Rob searches for a new job.

Carla seizes her opportunity for revenge when called on for a reference.

Meanwhile Izzy and Gary fret as they learn that wee Jake will need surgery because of a life threatening infection, while Tina's strong reaction confirms Tommy's fears that she has become emotionally attached to the baby.

As Tina finally admits her true feelings for Tommy, he shocks her by offering to support her if she decides to keep Jake.

Marcus admits to Sean that he is embarrassed about what old friends might say about his relationship with Maria. Not, of course, that Sean would do anything to stir the proverbial!

Indeed, after Sean just happens to let slip that they are invited to a wedding, Marcus has no choice to attend the event with Maria.

And as he faces numerous questions, Maria is less than thrilled with his explanation.

Statuesque Eileen continues to hide her growing anxiety over her Paul's dangerous job (Oh for goodness sake!) but the pressure takes its toll and she struggles to sleep properly. (Does Dev not keep Horlicks in the corner shop?)

Thankfully Deirdre offers a friendly sinew, sorry, ear, as they knock back the vino!
Sylvia tackles Roy about his stressed state.

And Sally Webster is disappointed when her internet date fails to show!

He's got off lightly, if you ask me, for will you ever forget her working in that swanky car showroom with your man?

All he had to do was click his fingers! Her blouse was off, and she was over that photocopier before you could say Underworld!

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