On the run

Published Sunday, 31 March 2013
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This week in Emmerdale as Zak and Lisa try to talk to the bold Belle about the risqué photos on the internet, Jimmy grounds Thomas with a warning that Belle is not only under age but also a Dingle.

Sean has a lucky break when the peelers decide not to press charges about the photos.

However it is not long before Thomas and Belle work out a way of continuing to see each other, in spite of Jimmy's threat to send him back to Saudi Arabia.

When he is told the flight is booked, Thomas takes matters into his own hands.

The couple steals Dan's van and go on the run!

Meanwhile Ali gets off to a very shaky start in her new job at the factory by arriving late, but is soon interfering in the running of the place.

She demands better pay for the workers after seeing a contract that gives her the impression that the business is doing better than it really is.

Laurel is really upset feeling that her job has been stolen from her.

Brenda continues to dig her heels in over treatment for the tumour and tells everyone that she intends to take the homeopathic option.

Genna and Nikil bring forward the date of their wedding, anxious that Brenda will still be around to see it.

Steve and Katie talk about buying a racehorse together, but Declan seems to have his own agenda.

Meanwhile a rift develops between Rhona and Paddy when Vanessa proposes buying into the veterinary practice, and Pearl is none too happy either.

And on the run in the camper van, Thomas finally sees sense and tells Belle that it is time to face the music.

Sean finds a stray dog but is disappointed when Ali refuses to allow him to keep the poor animal.

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield...

Jason's nose is, well and truly, put out of joint when Stella is discharged from hospital and invites Karl to stay at number 13 with her. It soon becomes clear that he is right to be worried.

Karl begins to panic when the doctor tells Dev that Sunita has turned a corner and may be regaining consciousness at last, but Dev's hopes are dashed and Sunita takes her secret to her grave.

Sylvia is horrified to discover that Anna has unwittingly sold two of her brownies to Rita!

When she and Dennis rush round to find Rita, Mary and Norris are about to tuck in. Rita fails to see the funny side and threatens to call the police.

Eileen and Julie apologise to Fiz for doubting her, and about time too! But whether she is ready to forgive and forget remains to be seen.

As Tyrone at Kirsty come face to face in the prison waiting room, he tells her that he wants nothing more to do with her.

Paul is still consumed with guilt about the fire. Eileen confides her worries to Dr Carter, but Paul is very annoyed that she has interfered.

Gary and Izzy are excited about Tina's next scan and he is over the moon to discover that she is expecting a boy!

But trouble looms when Tina arrives home to find that her front door has been forced.

And Eileen encourages Jason to fight for Stella if he really cares about her.

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