No smoke without fire

Published Monday, 13 May 2013
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As the week kicks off in the Yorkshire Dales, we may be sick to death of ould' Debbie Dingles' surly, miserable bake, and thon witch like mangle of black hair.

But Cain is fed up with her taking advantage and using him like a babysitter whenever she likes!

And Moira thinks that he holds Debbie responsible for her miscarriage!

Cain is even more furious when he finds out that Debbie has dumped the children on "Aundy"!

Meanwhile, Amy is subdued after her fight with her super-scrubber mother Kerry however she insists to Val that she doesn't want Kerry to face an assault charge.

Kerry, incidentally, then proceeds to spiral right out of control, downing shot after shot of vodka. She then lights a cigarette and falls asleep drunk, as the rug starts to smoulder, with the children asleep upstairs!

As the smoke fills Dale View cottage, Sarah escapes and makes her way to the pub.

Cain, "Aundy", Moira, and Amy rush around while Bob calls the fire brigade (He should have a direct hot line to that emergency service!) As the flames rise higher, Kerry is still lying in a heap on the rug and Jack is trapped upstairs!

Will either of them make it out alive??

David is annoyed to catch Dom and Alicia sharing an intimate moment after his advice to Dom backfires.

Then Meg the dog goes missing and Sean bunks off school to look for her. I'm afraid to tell you he finds the animal dead, and, as a result, he smashes up Brook Cottage.

Megan arrives just in time to see Sean making contact with a light fitting and electrocuting himself!

Dan calls an ambulance as Sean's life hangs in the balance.

Rhona makes a tough decision and tells Paddy that he can bin her painkillers.

Later, climbing the walls for more pills, she approaches the pharmacist, who directs her to her GP!

Unable to cope with the constant cravings any longer, she unlocks the drugs cabinet in the vet's surgery.

And David is torn in two between Priya and Alicia, but WHO will he end up choosing?

And will she want him anyway????

As my mother would have said "The whole lot of them need a darn good kick in the pants!!"
But then, that's not exactly PC is it??

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield, we've all seen this coming from twenty thousand feet!
Gary fails to control his feeling and tries to snog the face off Tina!!

Absolutely horrified, she eventually agrees to keep quiet, but confides in a furious Tommy, who threatens to blow Gary's cover!!

As Izzy praises Gary and tells him what a wonderful father he will be, his guilty conscience is evident!

Worried that their unborn baby could inherit his epilepsy, David suggests to Kylie that they have her tested.

Concerned about their uncertainty over the child's paternity, Nick and Kylie are relieved when Marcus assures David that there is no such test available.

Meanwhile Anna continues to worry about Faye(666!) as Tim struggles financially. When Tim admits that he cannot afford to pay for a school trip Anna goes behind Owen's back, and pays up for Faye's sake!

Roy eventually decides to make contact with his father, and heads to Burnley to find him, but is devastated to discover that he is too late.

Statuesque Eileen (they don't like me calling her big Eileen any more!) struggles to deal with the thought of Paul's dangerous job once again, for goodness sake!!

And E-T in the Anthea Turner wig relishes the opportunity to gloat as Stella starts work Vimming the toilets in The Bistro.

Indeed, Stella is upset further when she receives a letter from Owen's solicitor telling her that she is being sued!

Gloria makes enquiries about bailing Stella out but is torn when she learns exactly how much dosh' it will cost to pay Owen off!

Katy and Ryan's fledgling relationship continues to cause upset as Chesney accuses her of abandoning Joseph.

And, indeed, Owen gives Katy a hard time too, prompting her to announce, to one and all, that she is moving in with Ryan.

So they can all put THAT in their pipes, and smoke it!

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