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Published Monday, 18 February 2013
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In "Emmerdale" Lisa Dingle's attempts to keep blossoming Belle out of mischief by giving her a list of chores to do at home fail when Belle and Gemma head off to the cafe to meet Thomas and Sean.

So hostilities break out on her return home as Lisa and Zak confiscate her mobile, which, let's face it, in teenage terms, is on a par with hacking her leg off!

Of course Belle turns contrite, but then her parents find some rather disturbing pictures on the phone and realise that they cannot trust her at all!

Cain and Chas make peace but he insists that Debbie is not to know that they are back on good terms.

Moira takes her car to the garage where Cain makes a shocking admission - but how is Adam going to take the news?

Meanwhile, Charity starts flirting with Declan but he has seen through her plan to cheat him on the deal. A flaming row ensues, but the fire turns to passion, and legs are flung to the moon up them' sturs'!

Unfortunately whilst they are being flung, Declan misses a very important message from Robbie on the answering machine.

Poor ould' Edna's money troubles grow steadily worse when she learns that she needs a new roof.

Rhona is fed up to the back teeth with Paddy hanging around and getting under her feet at the surgery and Marlon finds himself with an unwanted kitchen hand, who expects to be paid.

And Ruby suggests that Sean take on the role of Sandy's carer, and the pair bond while hanging out at Seth's hide.

Meanwhile, Bob is rather put out when Brian asks Brenda out and she accepts!

Go Brenda! Go!

Over in Weatherfield, Gail confronts the bold Kylie after discovering a piece of paper with her bank details on it!

Kylie admits that Lewis blackmailed her into helping him as he knew that the baby may not be David's!

Worried about what on earth will happen next, Kylie hits the bottle, leading to an accident which puts her and her unborn baby in danger.

When Gail finds out the whole truth - that Nick could be the baby's father-she is faced by a dilemma.

Over at the Rovers, Gloria returns from Portugal with a new fiancé, who rejoices in the name of Eric.

On her arrival Stella stuns Gloria with news of her relationship with Jason and then she makes it known to Eric that her mother is a gold digger!

Eric soon turns his attention to Eva, lavishing her with gifts and offering to take her away with him.

Faye is upset to learn that Tim is planning to move away to Kent for work but she is thrilled when he manages to land a job with Jason.

Owen tries to put a stop the plan but he fails and ends up feeling pushed out once again. Indeed, Izzy tackles Anna for not realising how hurt Owen is by the situation.

Mandy finally moves in with Lloyd but he manages to lose her pet tortoise and ends up taking extreme measures in an attempt to replace it without her finding out!

Katy reconnects with old friends and Chesney encourages her to let her hair down for an 18th birthday party.

There, Ryan's good looks and D-Jing skills impress Katy's mates, but it seems that our Ryan has set his sights on Katy!

Fasten your seat belts!

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