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Published Monday, 14 April 2014
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As the week kicks off in Emmerdale Charity realises why she is off her food and takes a pregnancy test.

When the result reveals that she IS eating for two, she swears Debbie to secrecy, determined to have a termination.

Megan discovers the test kit and confronts Declan. His reaction surprises everyone and he proposes marriage to Charity, who accepts but seems to have reservations.

Jai is absolutely hopping mad that after all their years together when she refused to have a child with him she is so quick to have one with Declan.

Debbie sticks her oar in by warning Declan that her mother will probably have an ulterior motive in agreeing to marry him.

Finn finds out about Pete and Victoria and tells her to be careful, warning her that his brother will only let her down.

Pollard is devastated when he discovers that Val has "been up them sturs" with Ian and when he organises a dinner party, things go from bad to worse.

Marlon goes to see Donna and April before they leave and realises how much he will miss the little girl when she calls him daddy, but Rhona is still suspicious of Donna's true intentions.

Moira is disappointed when Cain asks her to put their wedding plans on hold until the business with Belle is cleared up.

Dom has a mystery benefactor, whose identity Harriet later deduces. Declan agrees to let Pear Cottage to Bernice for her salon but she still has to break the news to Jimmy.

James goes to get Adam a present for his 21st - and seems strangely unsettled when Chas tells him that it is actually Adam's 22nd birthday!!!!

Meanwhile over in Weatherfield, Tina decides to seduce Peter in the pub, but back at her flat his guilt takes over and he leaves her hurt and alone once again.

Peter drowns his sorrows with a bottle of whiskey in the factory and, when confronted by an absolutely furious Carla, tells her that he is struggling with the prospect of impending fatherhood!

Unimpressed, Carla gives him an ultimatum, insisting he enter rehab or she will terminate the pregnancy.

Poor Anna remains on edge following her sordid deal with Phelan, who eventually lies to Owen and Gary that Valerie forced him to ease up on them!

As her family members show their gratitude, Anna struggles to keep it together.

Steve manages to push the bold Andrea and Lloyd back into each others arms.

Maria's behaviour causes concern as she hides away in the flat with Liam, fearing that Marcus will snatch him. She later attacks Todd in the street, is rude to customers in the salon and makes a pass at Tyrone.

Maria posts a gift for Ruby through Tyrone's door as an apology, causing him to worry that Kirsty has recently been nearby.

Sally is furious when Kevin allows Sophie and Maddie to stay in his house.

Gail signs up for a self-defence course at the gym, followed by Mary.

Rita is shocked to learn that Dennis is in hospital after being beaten up. He explains how things with Gloria went wrong, causing him to end up sleeping rough again. Rita allows him to stay on her sofa, but makes it clear that it is a temporary arrangement.

Tracy and Rob strike a deal with Tony and agree to sell his dodgy goods in their shop.

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