It's a sham!

Published Monday, 27 August 2012
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When Nikil catches David and Priya snogging the whole faces off each other, David has no option but to tell him that the marriage to Alicia was a sham!

It's just another week up in the Yorkshire Dales.......Nikil doesn't believe David and warns his sister to stay away.

Of course the pair are soon arranging to meet up in secret and I doubt they will just be playing a game of scrabble!

Jimmy is hopping mad as Charity continues to undermine him over the truck purchase, and goes on to tell Carl that Jimmy is holding the whole business back.

Diane returns to the Woolpack and is shocked to find out that Chas and Dan are engaged and is even more unimpressed that Dan can't afford to buy a ring.

Rhona and Paddy drop the "Mr Nice Guy" approach as the day of the court case dawns but Marlon is relieved when the judge orders that Leo MUST remain in the country, until a follow up hearing in six weeks.

In the Woolpack, Paddy stuns the regulars with news of Marlon and Laurel's relationship, leaving poor Ashley devastated.

Meanwhile, the attraction between Moira and Alex is as strong as ever but Victoria mounts an assault to win him back.

Confused Moira confides in Diane, who is relieved that the mystery man isn't Cain. But Diane does not realise that Moira is talking about Alex and urges her to follow her heart.

Moira tries to get up close with Alex but he pushes her away.And Amy is ashamed to find Kerry, as full as a bingo bus on a Friday night, flirting with "Aundy" in the pub!

Meanwhile over in Weatherfied.......

When Tyrone accidentally scalds himself and returns to work with a bandaged hand, Tommy immediately thinks that he is covering for Kirsty again.

Challenging her to deny that she has been knocking seven bells out of Tyrone, the truth comes out.

Tyrone holds Tommy

Kirsty angrily demands to know who else Tyrone has told about their "wee domestics" and gives him an ultimatum in no uncertain terms!

Tommy is given the sack and when Kevin refuses to reinstate him, he tells the entire pub what Kirsty has been doing to Tyrone!

Kevin refuses to give Tommy his job back

Of course, Tyrone retaliates by telling everyone about Tommy using the garage to deal in drugs!
Tina and Tommy are left feeling like the pariahs of the Street.

Meanwhile, Jason is none too happy as Maria arranges an evening in with Marcus and Aiden.

Desperately in need of "a fix" Ryan sells Sophie the tickets for a gig that Steve gave him.

Unfortunately, he gets rumbled and when Michelle finds him the worse for wear, she is heartbroken to realise just how serious his habit has become.

Sunita raids her and Dev's joint bank account to fund Karl's scheme to get rich quick by selling smoke alarms.

Over in the knicker factory, Rob is enjoying playing the two women in his life, and Stella cannot believe his gall when he invites both her and Eva to lunch.

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